Under sink basket – type B

Product material is semi-steel wire coated or nickel plated.
Sliding mechanism on telescopic slides.



  • Suitable for lower door cabinet (sink cabinet)
  • The same model can be mounted to the right or left panel of the module
  • Easy to pull-out using telescopic slides
  • Four sliding dividers

All measures are given in millimeters


B1 (mm) B2 (mm) H (mm) L (mm) Lslide (mm) Weight (kg) Product code
167 217 475 470 450 3,55 280-B


Varijante proizvoda:

Surface coating Slides
Nickel plated Plastic coated Telescopic
NiCr – Metallic gray (M)
– White (B)
– Requested
– Standard closing
– Soft closing (slow)